The Dalesway from Dent Station

Walk 7 - From Dent Station to Sedbergh - a low level linear walk using the Saturday-only bus service - 5 or 10 miles - 4.5 hours. By bus/ train. A good low level walk following the Dalesway for when conditions are variable and avoiding any significant uphills! This takes in the picturesque village of Dent ending at Sedbergh where there are a variety of hostelries and tea rooms not to mention a few book shops! Alternatively the walk may be split into two 5 mile walks from Dent Station to Dent and Dent to Sedbergh. The walk makes use of the limited Dent Station - Kendal bus service which only runs on a Saturday [and Summer Sundays] and connects with the northbound 0849 train from Leeds

Start from Dent Station if arriving by train. Proceed down the steep Coal Road to Cowgill. Turn left to pass over the bridge and then immediately right to follow the left hand river bank. Pass through a campsite and the through a gate to emerge on the minor road. Follow the minor road for approx 1/4 mile looking for footpath sign on the left. Pass through the gate and across a field going just to the right of a farm building and across a stile into a recently felled Little Town plantation. Cross the plantation, through a paddock of a house and another plantation.

Emerging through a stile into a field progress down to a farm track. Bear left for a few metres and then right across a further field and a stile eventually eventually turning left up the track to Hackersgill. Following the track and near the house pas over a stile to go diagonally across a paddock and a further stile. Turn right following the edge of the field and to the left hand side of the house at Clint. Cross a bridge over a small stream and continue in the same line until reaching the access drive to Laithbank. Turn right down the drive to meet the minor road, Turn left and progress along the road for 1/4 mile watching for a footpath sign on the right at a gate.

Turn right across the field bearing very slightly to the right and over a small footbridge and then dropping down to meet the River Dee. On the way notice the impressive cave with the stream emerging. Cross the foot bridge over the river ad follow the right hand bank for 1/4 mile reaching Tommy Bridge. Cross the bridge and now on the left hand bank again the path goes through a gate and proceeds diagonally uphill to reach Bridge End House.

Cross Deepdale Beck by means of the road bridge and the immediately turn right down the path at the left hand side of the beck. As the path levels out turn left and pass to the left hand side of Double Croft and then along clearly marked paths to reach Church Bridge. Turn left and follow the road into Dent village. There are various hostelries and cafes to choose from.

Continue out of Dent along the road and after 1/4 mile regain the riverside path. Follow the left hand bank, passing Barth Bridge. Eventually the path departs from the riverbank to join a minor road near Ellers. Follow the minor road to Lenacre and turn right over a footbridge and along a bridle path to Gate Manor. Cross the main road and continue along bridleway a stony track to the right hand side of the manor. This proceeds uphill to the rear of the manor. Bear left at a fork and proceed in a westerly direction passing a farm. The well marked path proceeds through some woodland and a walled track to emerge on open land overlooking Sedbergh. Follow the track down into Millthrop. Pass between the cottages and turn left and right onto the main road into Sedbergh. Cross the River Rawthey and follow the road.

The return bus departs from outside the Dalesman pub /Post Office. Be sure not to miss it! If time permits the Howgills tea room [halfway along the main street] is excellent plus which there are a number of pubs to choose from.

The 564A service has now been assured into the foreseeable future. This is an excellent means of reaching Dent Village or Sedbergh whether to walk or visit the pubs, cafes and heritage centre. The Saturday bus times at the time of writing are depart Dent Sta 1020, and on the return Sedbergh 1500, 1650 or depart Dent village 1515, 1705. Please consult the timetable

Note - a careful check will need to be kept on the times if attempting to catch the 1500 or 1650 from Sedbergh. If running late it should be possible to flag the bus down on the main road!

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