Baugh Fell to Sedbergh

Walk 9 - Garsdale Station to Baugh Fell and Sedbergh - 9.5 miles - 5 hours - By train/bus, A strenuous upland walk across Baugh Fell with excellent views across to Wild Boar Fell and the Howgills with a pleasant descent and a riverside walk on to Sedbergh to catch the 564A bus back to Dent Station. This walk can only realistically be done from the north-bound 0849 train from Leeds alighting at Garsdale and returning via Dent Station using the 1650 bus back from Sedbergh.

Start at Garsdale Station and emerging at the foot of the access track from the north bound platform cross the Coal Road and through a stile onto open pasture. Walking parallel to the railway line pass through a stile and gate and at the next wall descend slightly down the hillside turning left through a stile. Through yet another stile proceed towards a barn and a gate to the main Sedbergh - Hawes road. Cross the road and to the left of Low Scale Farm buildings. Cross the Clough River and bear left up the hill and then slightly right looking for a stile diagonally ahead. Cross another stile and gate to emerge at the Old Road.

Meadows leading down to Low Scale Farm

Turn right for 100m and then left along the Grisedale road. At the crest of the hill near a layby strike off left along a path through the heather. This eventually passes meets the pasture boundary wall. Follow the wall for 1/4 mile or so as it turns right, in effect contouring the hill. After a while there is a gate. Turn left through the gate and crossing a small stream make a line up the fell side with the fence /wall on the right. Pass through a gate part of the way up still with the fence /wall on the right. After negotiating a few boggy patches at the top cross the fence [quite easy] near the junction of two walls and proceed now with the wall on the left.

The wall at the top of the fell near Tarn Rigg Hill and the trig point at Knoutberry Haw

Soon East Baugh Tarns will come into view. This is a boggy plateau and whilst an excursion to Grisedale Pike can be worthwhile there are some quite wide channels to negotiate and these can be problematic. Otherwise, carry straight on over the summit at Tarn Rigg Hill [678m] and after 1.5 miles or so the trig point of Knoutberry Haw [676m] will come into view. At this point a decision can be made whether to make a deviation to visit West Baugh Tarn which will add approximately 1.5 miles. Otherwise carry straight on down the hillside to the right of Ringing Keld Gutter. At the end of the fence turn left to pick up a track and then turn right at the junction with another track at the bottom. Follow the track along with the stone wall on the left and pass through a gate. Descend on the winding track through the pasture to the rear of Dovecote Gill and then along an enclosed track at the rear of the house. Emerging at the end of the track near the gate to the house cross a stile on the left.

Meadows leading to Garsdale Bridge

Cross 5 stiles and a succession of fields always with the Clough River downhill on the left. Eventually the path emerges at the river bank and a bend in the river. After another stile follow the path to Garsdale Bridge and Farfield Mill [worth a visit]. Don't cross the bridge but turn right along the lane. After 1/4 mile the lane emerges at the main Kirkby Stephen - Sedbergh road. Turn left across Straight Bridge. On the other side of the bridge turn immediately left through a stile to follow the River Rawthey all the way to New Bridge and into Sedbergh. Walk along the Main Street where there are number of pubs and cafes. The bus stop is opposite Sedbergh Library and next to the Dalesman Pub.

View of Howgills and Farfield Mill

The return bus departs at 1645 from outside the Dalesman pub /Post Office opposite the library. If time permits the Howgills tea room [halfway along the main street] is excellent plus which there are a number of pubs to choose from.

The Dalesman - the bus stops near here

The 564A service has now been assured into the foreseeable future. This is an excellent means of reaching Dent Village or Sedbergh whether to walk or visit the pubs, cafes and heritage centre. The Saturday bus times at the time of writing are depart Dent Sta 1020, and on the return Sedbergh 1500, 1650 or depart Dent village 1515, 1705. Please consult the timetable

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